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A best and free online text editor like notepad and wordpad online editor to write your text

How to download above edited file?

If you have edited your file and want to download it then please follow the steps given here:

1. First create you notepad file that you want to download

Notepad Text Editor

2. Enter the name of you file so that you can easily identify your file. Then click on Download icon given next to the text area.

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3. Also, you can change the theme color of above text are by clicking the icon given next to the download icon.

Online word editor free

Best website for online text editor

Welcome to the Free Online Text Editor and Online Wordpad Website on this Wordpad Online Website, you can write and copy and paste words. Free online notepad website is mobile-friendly and lightweight so you can use it on any Android or iOS device with a low internet connection as well. Also, we have done almost all things to make this website mobile-friendly and user-friendly. So anyone can easily use this website if you love this online notepad free, don't forget to share it with your friends and family member on social media.

How to use this Online Wordpad (Online Text Editor)?

It is very easy to use this online notepad editor. Simply you need to start typing or pasting your text on a blank area by using the key Ctrl+V for Windows users and Command+V for Mac users.

This textpad online tool has various important features. You can even change the theme color of wordpad online. This wordpad web has most of the functions of functions that you need.

Is wordPad a free program?

Our website is free and it will be always free to use anytime, anywhere without any limit. It has a feature to change its background color and font color. That means you can convert this notepad online to a dark theme as well.

How is this online text editor (Notepad) going to help me?

While browsing on the web you can keep this text editor open in one tab and paste the text that you copied from the other sites and it will remove its style automatically. Also, you can type your own words here and then finally you can download it by clicking on the "Download" button.

How do I check the spelling and grammar in my WordPad document?

Currently, our free word pad doesn't have any function for this but for this purpose, you can use the Grammarly Chrome Extension to check the spelling and grammar on our wordpad free website. For this, you can first, install the extension in your Google Chrome Browser or any other browser that you are using currently, and then open our site and start typing your text. Next, when you type the sentences the extension will then scan your document and highlight any errors, including spelling and grammar mistakes. You can then review the suggested corrections and make any necessary changes to the typed text/document.

Can I save WordPad documents as PDF files?

No, there is no direct way to save this WordPad document as a PDF file. Our online notepad does not have a built-in feature to export the created document in PDF format. However, we have another tool that you can use to convert your WordPad file to PDF. Please check the above given free WordPad Online image and click it to use. By using that tool you will be able to create your document and then export it to PDF.

Can I open and edit Microsoft Word documents on this free wordpad?

You can't do this by using our wordpad free online tool. You can not open any type of file on our free online wordpad editor. You can simply type or paste the plain text and then download it by clicking the Download icon given above. To open and edit Microsoft Word documents, you will need to use Microsoft Word or any other compatible word editor program.

How do I change the font size in wordpad online?

Unfortunately, our wordpad online free tool does not provide a way to adjust the font size, because this typing pad tool is only for taking notes while browsing the internet. As suggested in the above question you can use our other tool for this purpose.

Can I insert pictures into a word pad online free tool?

We are sorry, but the answer to your question is no. Unfortunately, our free online word pad tool does not provide the ability to insert pictures into a notes area.

Can I open and edit text files created in Notepad on a Mac or Linux computer?

Yes, you can open the Textpad online file that you will download from here on Windows, Mac, or Linux computers, and even Mobile devices as well. The file that you will get from our text pad online will be saved in a plain text format with a .txt file extension, which is a universally recognized format for text files. This means that you can open and edit Notepad files on any platform that supports text editing.

Is it possible to recover unsaved or deleted Notepad files, and if so, how?

While using our free word pad online typing tool it is not possible to recover accidentally deleted or unsaved files. But you can try the UNDO (CTRL + Z) and REDO (CTRL + Y) functions of your inbuild keyboard. This will help you to recover your deleted text from the file. If you are not using our wordpad website and using any third-party software on your device then it may be possible to recover unsaved or deleted Notepad files using certain recovery methods. If you accidentally closed the Notepad file without saving it, you can try opening it again to see if it was automatically saved as an autosave file or use any trusted file recovery software.

How do I search and replace text in Notepad Online, or is that feature not available?

Our online typing pad does have a search and replace feature that allows you to find and replace specific text within the notes that you have typed. But you can use the inbuild function of your browser to search for any text in the online note editor by using the keys (Ctrl + F). There will new small search bar will appear now enter the text into it and click on enter button or click on the arrows given there to move between the words.

Can I use an online notepad editor to create and edit HTML, CSS, or other web development files?

Yes, you can use our online notepad editor to create and edit HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other programming files. Notepad editor online is a plain text editor that does not add any additional formatting or code to the files that you are going to create here. This makes it perfect for the coder to create short coding functions by using our notepad online editor but we recommend you use any professional IDEs for better coding functionality.

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