Online Wordpad For Taking Notes

A best and free online text editor like wordpad online to write your text notes while browsing on internet. Online wordpad makes it super easy to create or edit text files right in your web browser. No fancy installations – just upload your file, and you are set. The text editor feels like the ones you are used to, so it is easy to use.

Online Wordpad

How to use this Wordpad?

It is very easy to use our Wordpad tool. Follow the following steps to use all features of this tool.

  • - Start typing your notes on an empty text area.
  • - If you have already typed text notes you can upload them by using the upload option.
  • - After typing your notes you can leave the window and come back later your notes will be available in the text area.
  • - You can also save your notes using save button.
  • - If you want to type new notes click on the Bin icon to clear the notes.
  • - Click on Sun icon to change the theme color of text area.

Online Wordpad Features

  • - You can use both dark mode and light mode
  • - No Login Required
  • - Save notes as Text file
  • - Upload text notes
  • - No Installation Required
  • - One-click clear textarea
  • - Free to use

Wordpad useful shortcut keys:

Operation Shortcut key Description
Open Ctrl + O Open Text File From Your Saved Files
Save Ctrl + S Save Text As a Text File in Your Drive
Cut Ctrl + X To Copy and Delete Selected Text From Text Area
Copy Ctrl + C To Copy Selected Text
Paste Ctrl+V Paste Text That Was Cut or Copied
Delete Delete Delete Selected Text
Select all Ctrl + A Select All Text On Textarea
Undo Ctrl + Z Undo Last Editing Change
Redo Ctrl + Y Do Again Editing Change

Who Can Use Our Online WordPad?

Usage of this wordpad tool are not limited to some specific group of people. Everyone who is browsing on the internet can use our tool to type their notes. Still this tool may useful for the following purposes.

Students: This is very useful tool for the student to make notes of their assignments and homeworks.

Teachers: Teachers can use this tool to type the question papers.

Researchers: Researcher can take advantage of this tool from any part of the world.

Developers: Developers can type their HTML, CSS, JavaScript Code very easily to make their project.

Bloggers: One of the main users of this tool are bloggers. They need this type of tool to make notes of their blogs while browsing on the internet.

Tool that will help you anytime, anywhere without installation.

Online tools have a cool advantage: no need to worry about which device you are using. Unlike offline tools that require installing on each device. Imagine wanting to use a tool on three devices at once – online wordpad tool let you do that hassle-free. This online wordpad is super easy. You don't have to install it on your devices, and it works on anything with an internet connection. It is a great alternative to your offline Notepad apps/softwares.

Sometimes, you have to edit lots of documents. Like a big research paper with many parts. You need a tool that is free and lets you edit as much as you want. That is what this tool is all about – no limits, and it's great for students, professionals, and anyone who needs to edit stuff. Installing a text editor can be a pain. You have to check if it works on your laptop, tablet, or phone. Then, you install it separately on each device if you want to use it everywhere. Take students, for example. They often have editing tools on their tablets and phones. It is very handy for when they remember an assignment needs editing while on the go. This online wordpad editor is perfect – no installs, just open it if your device has internet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this online wordpad free?

Yes, this wordpad is completely free to use. You can use it for free on all your devices from anywhere in the world with its all features.

Can I use this tool without login?

There is no login required to use our online tool, and it saves your data on your local storage so that you can access it anytime.

Can I save my note file?

Yes, you can save your file after completing the editing for this you can use the save arrow button.

Can I upload note file?

Yes you can upload your file if you have it already typed. You can also edit that file.

What format does WordPad save in?

When you will save your file on your device it will save in the text format you can open it afterward by using inbuild softwares.

Can this tool count words?

No, right now we don't provide function to count the words that user type on textarea but in near future we will definetly going to provide you this type of features.

Is WordPad rich text?

No, you can not use it as rich text. For using rich text editor you can search on google for better results.