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Welcome on the Free Online Text Editor website on this website you can write words, copy and paste words. This free online notepad website is mobile friendly and its light weight so you can use in any Android or iOS devices. Also we have done almost all things to make this website mobile friendly and user friendly. So anyone can easily use this website if you love this online notepad free, don't forget to share with your friends family member on social media.

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How to use this Online Wordpad (Online Text Editor)?

It is very easy to use this online notepad. Simply you need to start typing or paste you text on blank area. If you don't like the theme of the text editor online you change it to dark, black notepad online by clicking on the change theme color button which is on top right corner. After typing the words if you want to download text file then you can download it by clicking on "Download" icon. But before downloading the File please type name of your file in the box near to the download icon.

For more details please check below screenshots.

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Is it Paid or Free?

Our website is free and it will be always free to use anytime, anywhere without any limit. It has feature to to change the its background color and font color. That mean you can convert this notepad to dark, black, blue, yellow or any other theme.

How this online text editor (Notepad) going to help me?

While browsing on the web you can keep this text editor open in one tab and paste the text that you copied from the other sites and it will remove it's style automatically. Also you can type your own words here and then finally you can download it by clicking on "Download" button.

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